Thursday, January 29, 2009

PART 1: New Projects for the New Year!

So I said for the New Year I was going to start some new projects... Here are two of my new bracelets! I started expanding my materials a little bit, and there is more to come! I am loving all the new finds on ebay and the internet, I never really started noticing all the things that could be used in jewelry, until recently. There really is so much out there, and its exciting to see finished pieces, and everyone's amazing finished pieces, etsy is a great place to see items, and i recently found, I am loving that site as well.. there are amazing photographers, jewelers and all types of artists on there.. and great people to meet.. everyone should definitely take a peek at that site... You can check out my stumble upon site at: I have so many great favorites already...

So anyway...

My first bracelet is a quote I cut out from edgar poe, and amazingly its a portion of a quote, that when I cut it out, it created a whole new quote "My Soul Lies Floating Shall Be Lifted"... which I love, I think it's great and can mean so much!! The bracelet has a great antique look, which I am starting to love more and more!

My second bracelet is part of an image cut from a beautiful photo. The photo originally is of a very rare colored lake, that is the most beautiful teal blue. I just found that shrubs/trees against the blue background is amazing, and makes a nice detail to the bracelet.

Also I started something new.. If you purchase something from my etsy site, and you blog about it, either on your personal blog, etsy blog, facebook, myspace, ect. and you send me a link to that post, I will send you a FREE gift!!! So keep that in mind if you want to purchase anything, it's a great deal!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tag, I'm It

UberArt, has tagged me.

For those of you who I've tagged, or just for your information, here are the rules of tagging:
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* Write 7 Random things about yourself
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1. I love, love, love horror movies... even if I watch it through my hand covered eyes.. I love them!!
2. I'm a huge animal person.. Love cats, reptiles anything and everything.. hence the zoo in my house lol (2 cats, a dog, crested gecko, fish, bunny, 2 snakes).. and any strays, usually come home with me!
3. I love the smell of fall.. its my favorite season.
4. One of the things I miss most about living in New York is the snow! Yes I miss the snow lolol!!
5. I love nature inspired jewelry, I guess if you haven't figured it out already, I am a huge outdoorsy person! I love North Carolina Mountains, and all the great waterfalls.
6. Crafting has taken up most of my free time during the week... I have way too many ideas, and I try to get them out all at once.. doesn't happen, therefore there is a HUGE journal full of ideas, the problem is the more i come up with, the more i branch off those.. its never ending!!
7. I recently read the twilight saga set, and who cares if they are for young adult, I love them!!! and I definitely can't wait to read them again!!

Now I've got to pick the lucky seven folks to tag...
1. Little Gems By Kari
2. Auryndesign
3. Designs By Rukar
4. Teresa Jane
5. Jonie
6. Expressions by Devin
(couldn't think of a 7th)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Volunteering to Help the Kitties!!

I recently started volunteering to help a cat rescue. There is a woman, who takes care of them all herself, and she needed someone to help clean/feed/play with the kitties thursday mornings, so I decided to do it.
They are all up to date with vet visits, shots and microchipped. They are all fantastic.. and very well taken care of... I wish I could keep them all!! I have a website if you are in the Gastonia/Lincolnton Area, and surrounding areas... but there is only one picture up there.. I am going to help the woman who runs the cat rescue take pictures of all the cats and get them up there as soon as possible... If you are interested, she does have cats at the petsmart in pineville, and she brings more for adoption on saturday and sunday. If you have any questions you can ask me, and I can pass them on to her... I didn't want to give her email and phone number out, as she is has a lot of people calling her about taking cats in to her home. If you do happen to go there, she also needs help with food donations... I know times are hard, but even one can of food is great!! Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this.. and I hope people in the area that may be interested find the perfect kitty for them, there are so many great ones!!!
Thank you again!!