Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leonardo Da Vinci

So I've been wanting to do some glass pendants with some of Da Vinci's work... and as a HUGE art history lover,(It's just all so fascinating) I found some REALLY interesting facts about him... on this website which is awesome

First of all, I knew he was truly a renaissance man, but reading more, he was so amazing... He did studies on so many things, nature, flying machines, construction, mechanics, architecture, and he painted and drew... Isn't that awesome!!!

I am definitely going out to by a history book on him.. I did find this one story on there, that was really funny... and I thought fellow artists and readers would enjoy it.. so here it is...

Legend has it that young Leonardo was asked by his father to paint a round shield. Like many teenagers, he thought it would be cool to paint a really creepy head, so he brought in all sorts of vermin -- lizards, bats, maggots, etc. -- and painted a disgusting monster exhaling smoke and poison gas. He was so engrossed in his painting that he failed to notice that his animal specimens had begun to rot, and when he finally allowed his father to see it the man was so startled by its realism that he knew his son could only be an artist.

The website is above where I found this story and so much more.. if interested!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

PART 3: Hand Drawing Projects

Ok, I'm going to drop the "part" naming.. lol.. ANYWAY... I am always looking for new things to come up with and use, as I'm sure everyone is lol... Well I had wooden discs, Corks, so why not draw on them!!! I love drawing patterns, scrolls, vines, leaves... I'm much more of a abstract drawer, I don't really like to draw things in great detail, unless it's a pattern, or scroll work. When I took drawing in college, I had to take figure drawing, and although I was semi-ok with it, I loved taking charcoal and drawing more of abstract figures. I feel like when doing that I was expressing more of myself rather than sticking to what something actually is, does that make sense lol?!?!

So Anyway.. here's a start.. There is a lot more to come, I really enjoyed doing these!! I am getting some greeting cards together, that I am drawing on, as well as some journal covers.. So I am excited...!!!

Oh and here's a quote I found, that I think really reflects what I was talking about above: "A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things." by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PART 2: Continuation of New Projects for the New Year

Everything can be made into art, therefore why not use it all!

I really like the idea of using bubble levels as jewelry, I saw some other beautiful pieces on etsy, and really liked the idea, obviously I didn’t want to do the same thing, but use it in a way that I really liked.. I just thought the idea of levels is just fun and unique, the farthest thing from ordinary!

I also like the idea of transparency in work.. and I love the glass pendants that are transparent... they leave a open and airy feeling to the pieces.. and just add that much more to the pieces themselves! I think they really became an attractive and unique finished piece.

I am working on some other things.. which I will post soon! I just think there is so much out there to work with, and I'm excited to venture with it all and I hope you all enjoy it... and Thank you for viewing my shop!!

And everyone on etsy are such great artists, I appreciate everyones work and love it all!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Angels for Felines

Hey everyone, I know I mentioned on one of my entries earlier that I volunteer for a cat rescue... well most of the pictures are finally up if you want to take a peek! I work with them every thursday, and all of them are the sweetest cats in the world, especially Lennie, he is a big mush ball... Please just take a look, and if any one is in the area, they really are great kitties that need great homes!! :D