Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Updates and about this weekend

I have been super busy this past couple of weeks, with family and preparing for this weekend!! If anyone is in the area, and looking for a great festival, Lake Lure is having their annual Memorial day festival!! I will be there, along with so many other great artists that come every year! It takes place Saturday, Sunday and Monday!! Hope to see some of you there!!

Also I wanted to give an update on the kitties, there were about 10 that got adopted this past week, so I AM SOOO HAPPY about that.. but again there are so many more that need good homes, so let me know if you are interested and I can help you find the perfect one!!

I also have been working on some other things, it seems when I sit down to start working on some stuff, I have to get up and do something else.. sometimes I wish I had more than two hands lol...

Well I hope everyone that is reading this is doing well, and I hope you can make it out to Lake Lure this weekend, between the views, shops, lake and festival, it's just a great atmosphere!!!


Jen said...

If I lived there I would SO be at there!!!

tinybird said...

Aww glad your kitties got good homes:)

Tag you're it!!

Valerie's Essentials said...

Great job finding homes for the kitties! I'm happy when ever a little helpless animals finds a good and loving home.Yay for you.