Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sorry it's been so long... BUT I HAVE BIG NEWS!!!

Well I have been super super busy.. as I'm sure everyone else has too!

So, First BIG NEWS... To start I got engaged.. whooo hoooo!!!! Now the planning begins, although the amount of work I'm sure to come is a lot, I can't wait, it's something every little girl has dreams about.. and I am more than ready... I am going to look at some reception/ceremony places this friday, so that's exciting, hopefully I can pick a date.. still thinking about fall or spring.. we will see!!!

The other BIG news.. well I finally sucked it up and did it.. I rented a store, yup scary yet exciting!!! It is in ranlo, nc.. which if you are from around here, you know its pretty small town.. but its right next to gastonia... the good news is that the only competing stores in a 20+ mile radius is Michaels and Hobby Lobby.. and I am carrying completely different beads than the both of them.. so I am super excited about that...I will upload pictures once it is complete, I am finishing up the painting, decorating and preparing now.. and hope to have it up and running in the next couple of weeks.. I will also be selling some supplies online at my website as well... I found some great beads that are hard to find, and some great prices on products, so I am sure to help beat most prices! If you have something in mind, let me know, I may be able to get it cheaper!!!

So look out for that.. and I will be updating as I go along...
I hope everyone else is doing well, and enjoying the summer!!!
What has everyone else been up to?? Any new projects??


LittleGemsbyKari said...

you should see the happy dance i am doing for you!!!!

OliveStreetStudio said...

Congrats on the engagement! A big WHOO HOO right back at ya!

AND I'm even more envious of the store - it is my dream to open a little shop. Can't wait to see when it is running.

Keleka's Kollections said...

Congratulations on all the good news...you have a lot to look forward to ...Enjoy each day...and make time for each other, good luck with your store and beautiful website...Keleka